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Aditya today is a hallmark of quality & care. Care that is reflected in our vast spectrum of innovative and elegant Vacuum Flasks in Stainless Steel Body, Metal Body & Plastic Body, Thermo ware Products like Casseroles, Lunch Boxes, Ice Boxes & Water Storage Jugs, Plastic Products like Serving Trays, Air Tight Containers, Mugs & Glasses and Gift Sets like – Tea Sets, Coffee Sets, Cocktail & Whisky Sets etc. to name a few.

Aditya has recently started manufacturing Acrylic Items under "ACROSET" brand name like Dinner Sets, Serving Trays, Divided Plates & Table Top items like Coaster Sets, Ashtray & Pen Stands etc.
Aditya product range has been thoughtfully and aesthetically created to suit all occasions and every pocket, keeping in mind the utility & durability value of the products.

Keeping pace with the changing items & Globalization, Aditya has diversified into marketing of imported products like 1. Glassware, 2. Vacuum Flasks, 3. Non-Stick Cookware, 4. Decorative, Handmade & Hand Cut Glassware, 5. Melamine Crockery, 6. Porcelain Crockery, 7. Stainless Steel Vacuum Flasks and is shortly going to add to its already impressive range - Electric Rice Cookers.

Now, Aditya represents world leaders like – 1. Pasabahce - Glassware, 2. F&D - High Quality Crystal Glassware, 3. Denizli - Handmade Crystal Glassware, 4. Elegenzia - Decorated Glasses, 5. Flora - Decorated Vases & Bowls (from Turkey), 6. Eternity - Non stick Cookware (from Turkey), 7. Marinex Tableware and Ovenware (from Brazil), 8. Imported Acroset - Acrylic Bathroom Accessories (from China), 9. Bio Hi Lock - Air Tight Bacterneria Free Containers (from Korea), 10. WoodStock - Porcelain, Bone China & Stone ware (from China), & 11. Stainless Steel Flasks (from China)

It has been a passion with Aditya to add style, elegance and convenience to your life by manufacturing world-class products and making world’s top brands available at your doorstep by importing & distributing them in India.

Pasabahce Glassware

The Pasabahce glassware range offers a range of professional glassware for use as commercial glassware or domestic glassware. Most Pasabahce glasses offer a dishwasher safe finish and practical design, making them ideal for use as pub glassware, bar glassware and restaurant glassware.

Our wide selection of glasses includes Pasabahce wine glasses, Pasabahce champagne flutes, Pasabahce beer glasses, Pasabahce pint glasses, Pasabahce half pint glasses, Pasabahce hiball glasses, Pasabahce tumbler glasses and Pasabahce shot glasses. Our range of Pasabahce glass is available with fast INDIA delivery.